All Bodies Welcome Yoga

I began practicing yoga as a group fitness class, as many of us find yoga. I didn’t expect for it to dramatically change my relationship with my body and my self awareness. I love being a student of yoga and continuously learning about myself through the alignment of body, mind, and breath. The 8 limbs of yoga have changed the way I live off the mat, and I aim to share Yogic philosophy from an informed, honorable place as a Western practicioner.

As a teacher I aim to be a connection for students new and experienced to learn about themselves. My teaching is rooted in accessible, compassionate methods and influenced by my commitment to intersectional feminism. In my classes you will find patience, humor, and empathy. There is no body shaming talk, and you won’t be compared to an ideal pose. Your experience on the mat is defined by your terms, not mine. I will offer safe, accessible postures, personalization with props, and guided breathwork and meditation.

I completed my 200 hour yoga teacher certification in 2018 with Joni Sturgill of Healthy Body Peaceful Soul, hosted at Sterling Yoga in Dormont, PA.


To be a teacher is to be a servant. It is my pleasure to offer pay what you can classes - currently, monthly at Workshop PGH. Any donations go to organizations in Pittsburgh that are advocating for justice, creativity, and self-expression.

I also collaborate with other volunteer led organizations to offer simple yoga and meditation events to communities left out of the yoga studio industry. If you are in AmeriCorps or another fellowship program, and are interested in sharing yoga with your program, please contact me at the link above so we can talk.